Do you know how to give IV tylenol to the pt?

I work in the hospital as a Registered Nurse and we start seeing IV tylenol being given to our pt. Is there anyone have the knowledge or tips on how to give IV tylenol to the pt? Thank you and I appreciate it.

Nurse Rock Asked on August 4, 2015 in RN.
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Giving tylenol to pt depends in different factors: IV pump use, IV Primary tubing or using IV secondary tubing and Air port of IV drip chamber. The IV pump itself calculate how fast you can administer the IV tylenol, if your unit or floor does not have pump then you can calculate the drip to be given per the prescribe order.  Since the IV tylenol comes in a bottle about 100mL, it is critical that the air port of the IV drip chamber is patent or working. Or else, if you are giving the IV tylenol as a secondary fluid then more likely the IV tylenol will not be given because it does not have a breather for the meds to be givien.  ~ Nurses Rock!

admin Answered on August 4, 2015.
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