What is an LPN?

What is an LPN ? A question from someone who is looking for a new career. I’m looking for a new career, while browsing online I came across to LPN job. Now my question is What is an LPN ? Anyone knows what kind of nurse is an LPN ?

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What is an LPN ? LPN Meaning

What is an LPN is a kind of nurse that work in health care field like clinic, hospital or in home. State boards of nursing in the US require candidates for nursing licenses to sit a relevant NCLEX examination. There are two of these examinations: NCLEX RN covers those candidates for a registered nurse license, and NCLEX PN covers candidates for a practical, or vocational nurse license. What is an LPN when it comes to NCLEX: there is what we call an NCLEX PN in every state.

What is an LPN when it comes to Demographics

What is an LPN when we talk about the number of LPN license in a location. There are about 700,000 licensed practical/vocational nurses (LVN/LPN) in the US at the moment. It is not permitted for a nurse to work in the United States without a license from the state board of nursing. What is an LPN  as far as the location? All 50 states, and US territories such as Guam and the United States Virgin Islands, have their own boards of nursing. All these boards are members of the national grouping: the National Council of State Boards of Nursing. The National Council owns the licensing examinations, and administers them on behalf of the state boards.

What is an LPN with NCLEX PN Examination

What is an LPN when you are about to study the NCLEX PN board. The NCLEX exams are in a CAT (computerized adaptive testing) format. Most of the questions are in a worded multiple-choice format. There are two types of exam. Certification as a registered nurse requires the RN examination, while certification as a practical nurse requires the NCLEX PN examination.  What is an LPN in terms:Practical nurses include LPNs (Licensed Practical Nurse) and LVNs (Licensed Vocational Nurse). These are broadly similar except the LVN title is used in California and Texas, and the LPN title is used in all other states. LVNs and LPNs will usually have between 18 and 24 months of training in physiology, anatomy, medications and practical patient care.

What is an LPN with Medication Administration

What is an LPN when it comes on medication administration? LPN meaning they are expected to be able to administer most medications, take measurements such as blood pressure and temperature, maintain sterile/isolation conditions, and keep proper records. What is an LPN  with leadership position? LPNs and LVNs would normally work while being supervised by an RN (registered nurse) or a physician. There are around 700,000 nurses working as LPN/LVN in the US. More Information: What is an LPN when you choose a nursing school, you ought to select a curriculum that prepares you to take the NCLEX PN licensing exam. For additional information about What is an LPN visit the website at Nurse Hub

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