what size of IV catheter should I use for geriatric or old pt?

when I start an IV I think twice what size or the correct size should I use for my geriatric pt. Some of my pt sometimes are also dehydrated that is why it makes it challenging to start an IV. Little light on this would be really much appreciated.

Nurse Rock Asked on August 4, 2015 in RN.
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Interesting question about the right size of IV Cath for geriatric pt. In my own experience, I usually use 22-20 ga needle for IV insertion. Old pt usually have really thin skin or sensitive skin, and very  easy for skin tear. I always use less trauma to skin as much as possible, don’t have to use bigger IV cath if you’re not going to do a blood transfusion or even infusing PPN (peripheral parenteral nutrition).  If the pt is hard stick then I ususally try using 24 ga like the one I use for pediatric pt. After awhile though, you will notice a leakage on your IV infusion so be very vigilant on checking your IV site at least once every shift.
admin Answered on August 4, 2015.
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